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ur goal is to offer our high quality translation services, according to the client’s needs. We use the tools offered by Internet in order to work from Argentina to every country of the world.

Our services include translations, both official and private, on different fields: law, business, accounting, technical, aviation, education, training, marketing, and web pages, among others, as well as proofreading and edition of texts and tape, CD and DVD transcriptions. We also offer interpretation services in congresses, meetings and public agencies and provide Court expert witness services.

For each translation project, we appoint one or more translators and editors, according to the specialization area of our professionals and meet a delivery date, which is strictly complied with. We like to keep a close contact with our clients in order to offer them tailor-made services that fit their specific needs.

The material provided by our clients is always treated with the strictest confidenciality. In the case of official translations, we take the translation to the CTPCBA premises for certification of the sworn translator’s signature, if the client so requires.